Corn Man recording at Soultone studios

Charles played drums live to his new single, “Corn Man” at the Soultone studios! Charles is a Soultone artist and enjoys playing their awesome cymbals. Check out the video and then be sure to head to the discography page to buy your very own copy of the Corn Man single!

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Sonia Harley Music Video Shoot

Here are some pics from the Sonia Harley video shoot.  As always, it was such a blast hanging out with Sonia, Rob, Roby and the amazing crew!!!


Metal Show at Loaded, Hollywood

Thanks to Karina Parker for some awesome photos of the show with metal band Castle at Loaded in Hollywood on August 15.


Sitting in Without Getting Kicked Out: Navigating the Jam Session

Charles playing drums at the Pig N Whistle in Hollywood
Charles behind the kit at the Pig N Whistle Blues Jam, photo courtesy Todd Taylor

I’ve always been fascinated and excited by jam sessions.  The idea of walking up on stage and playing music with musicians you’ve met only moments ago can be quite an exhilarating experience.  For me, jams are a great test, not of what I know, but of what I don’t know.

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